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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s.captioning >> mark: it is a big day here in oh, ohio. voting under way in several key states including right hero row that's right. right now we take a look at the john kasich event that will be held at wallace university later tonight. they are getting prepared for him. we have a reporter there and we will be having live reports throughout the night. it was a huge moment for the governor john kasich as he cast a pivotal ballot in his home state. >> very exciting to come into ohio and cast a vote for me for president of the united states.
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my wife voted this morning, and my kids will have to get a little older before they can vote. they will vote for me re-election. >> romona: some confidential words from the republican presidential candidate as he looks to nab a victory in the buckeye state. things weren't so calm at every polling place though. >> mark: yeah, at dani carlson tells us there was quite the drama at a polling place earlier today from a worker in fact. what is the latest on this? >> reporter: well, we're told that that worker was actually a poll worker here at the louisa may alcott school and that he actually brought a gun with him in a bag. he allegedly got into a fight with some other poll workers, pulled out that gun and then began to verbally threaten the other workers. now let's show you who we are talking about here. the man we are talking about is 53-year-old alan bethea. the incident happened a couple of minutes and we're told voting never stopped. some people didn't even realize what was happening. new he was arrested by cleveland police a couple of blocks away
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when he was arrested, he did have that gun on him and some marijuana in his bag. the cleveland police department says he could face charges of aggravated menacing, carrying a concealed weapon and having a weapon under a disability. he did have a criminal record which led us to ask some questions about what type of background checks does the board of elections do for poll workers? we asked the b.o.e. and we have that answer coming up for you tonight at 5:00. live in cleveland, dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> romona: all right, dani. frightening situation for people getting out to vote. >> mark: between poll workers, too. not between voters. there you go. jeff, what's going on weatherwise is this yes . >> jeff: all right. yes, primary day weather, you know, not too shabby. we had some drizzle and fog along the lake shore this morning but that has lifted. everybody dry. it is cloudy so that's what's kept the temperature down. let's look at those current numbers.
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above normal. cleveland. notice sandusky, ashtabula only in the 40s but we got temperatures near 60 in dover-new phillie with some sunshine there. it is only 43 in lakewood though, along the lack shore 45 westlake and 45 in euclid. cleveland 19 weather app. showers and thunderstorm overnight into tomorrow morning. so we're going to be dry this temperatures not dropping too much. i have us basically around 50 although downtown cleveland it will be a little bit cooler. 11:00, 47 and then overnight after 2:00 in the morning, we're going to have a wave of rain and storms move through. they're actually forming west of chicago. we are going to get the leftover stuff. in fact, severe weather there. we won't see severe but it will be a wet morning ahead tomorrow and windy. mild on st. patrick's day and windy as well.
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storms out to the west, and we're going to have much more on the forecast including a downward trend in temperature that is coming up at about 4:17. mark? >> mark: thanks. a quick reminder for you. if you vote republican, don't forget there are two places you have to vote for a candidate. one is for at-large dell grates to the convention, the other is for congressional district delegates. both the at-large and the district vote also be counted separately and reported to the secretary of state. so the bottom line is vote for the same candidate twice. once in the at-large area and once in the district area. the at-large count will determine the candidate who gets ohio's 66 delegates. today is the first time 17-year-olds can cast a vote in an ohio presidential primary election. this comes after a franklin county judge ruled in favor of a lawsuit which asked for the change. about ten teen voters and democratic presidential
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sued over secretary of state john huosted's interpretation of ohio's voter law. he says teens can vote to elect someone but not nominate. delegates for the presidential race. polling locations are open until 7:30. >> romona: things are heated here in ohio but voters in four other states are heading to the polls, too. we are in miami where a lot of delegates are on the line. >> reporter: voters in illinois, north carolina, missouri, florida and ohio could reshape the republican presidential race today. frontrunner donald trump is the man to beat. >> your governor is totally overrated. >> reporter: trump bashed john kasich at a rally why youngstown, ohio monday. the governor has managed to stay away from the mud slinging so far, but needs ohio's 66 winner-take-all delegates to stay in the race. >> i will be, however, forced going forward to talk about some of the deep concerns i have
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been run by some others. >> reporter: here in florida, marco rubio is trailing trump in the polls by a massive margin, but the senator says he is brushing off predictions, focusing on getting people to the polls instead. >> if we have a big vote here in florida, we're going to win the state. >> reporter: a win here comes with 99 delegates. in the democratic race, bernie sanders hopes to sweep the three midwestern states after an upset victory in michigan last week. >> if there's a large voter turnout, we're going to do just great. >> reporter: but hillary clinton already has a signature delegate lead with more than half the total needed to win the nomination. >> i've gotten more votes than anybody including donald trump and 600,000 more and i think i'm ready to take him on. >> reporter: she is hoping to take north carolina and florida. cleveland 19 news. >> romona: donald trump has nearly 100 more delegates than his closest rival ted cruz. cleveland 19 news is your
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we will have a full night of results and analysis beginning with a mobile cast at 7:30 followed by expanded coverage on cle 43 and cleveland 19. and don't forget, we have the only 9:00 newscast in town on cle 43. >> mark: in mansfield the death of a one-month-old little boy is under investigation. the child was taken to the hospital this morning from trouble breathing. he later died. no other details as of right now. police in parma want you to be on the lookout for a missing man. they say will prentice was last seen last thursday. they say the 85-year-old suffers from dementia. here is the vehicle police believe could be involved in this missing person case. anything. >> romona: we told but this as 4:00. today an update on the body found in summit county. the akron police department and the summit county medical
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investigating the death of a man found there around 3:00 p.m. till no details about the man until an official i.d. can be made. you could call this next story in the heat of the night. while people were fast asleep on two east side streets, someone torched a half dozen vehicles. our harry boomer was among the first on the scene. he joins us now with pictures harry? >> reporter: you know, romona the arsonist who set those vehicles on fire apparently had a field day going from one car to another spreading flames in disbelieve among the owners of the vehicles he torched. >> it's crazy. i have no words. >> reporter: daniel long is talking about six vehicles set ablaze earlier this morning well before 5:00 a.m. take a look. this white dodge caravan was torched. so was this black pickup truck. turn the corner and four more vehicles were randomly set on fire. this jeep liberty and this ford
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>> i was a little mad and wish we could have caught them. slang nobody was hurt. >> reporter: edith took pictures after she called 911. >> nobody got hurt. with cars, gasoline, anything could have blown up. you don't know if it could have blew up enough to hit a house, houses on fire with kids asleep. >> reporter: what is more odd about the incident on every vehicle it looks like the side vehicle was knocked out and accelerant tossed on the dashboard making each vehicle totally unusable again. >> they are sick people. there is something wrong with the individual whatever they did to walk down the street and set six cars on fire in a row. >> reporter: believe it or not, this is not the first time a fire bug went on a fire-setting spree in this neighborhood. >> a couple of months ago a car down there was on fire. the neighborhood next door, his car was on fire. car over there was on fire. >> reporter: these surveillance cameras may have
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>> i hope the detectives that are around here catch him and put him away for a long time. >> reporter: sadly for onech the owners of the burned-out car, he was only visiting the street overnight. his car totaled along with the other five. police checking those surveillance cameras to see if they i.d. the culprit. >> mark: thank you, harry. a cleveland elementary school will open back up tomorrow. it closed today thanks to overnight vandals. they broke into the school, broke windows. they spray painted things and projectors. classes were canceled today to clean up the glass but the polls 7:30. >> romona: coming up at 4:00. comedian. >> mark: a little trooper staying positive while battling a rare disease.
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>> romona: it was a routine exam that discovered little julius has a rare eye disease. now as tia a ewing tell us, it is a waiting game to see if a surgical procedure performed at the cleveland clinic would allow the 4-year-old to live a nor mallife. >> i'm talk too much. >> reporter: julius chatmon is 4-year-old going on 44. >> i'm just a little comedian. >> reporter: but that smile turned upside down when we talked about last month, a three-hour surgical procedure
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right down his tiny chest. >> it hurts when i touch it really hard. >> reporter: it started with a routine visit to the eye doctor. >> they did a routine eye exam. he was 2 years old. the nurse said i think something is wrong. his vision is off. he looked at his vision, checked him out, dilated his pupils and he said i think he may have a rare disease. >> reporter: from there his mother said he was diagnosed ocular myostius gravis and the disease made his left eye lid droop low. >> i just couldn't see anything. i was just blind. >> reporter: hard to see now because medication regulates some of the symptoms. >> i think you are pretty smart. >> yeah, but not that much. >> no? >> just a little bit. >> reporter: dr. neil freedman is julius's neurologist. >> for the past year-and-a-half had he been on steroids and
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the oceans at that point were to use steroid sparing therapies. these are drugs like chemotherapy drugs. >> reporter: the family opted to go with surgery. a cardiologist performed it because, as you can see, the thymus gland that had to be removed is very close to the heart. >> he will have to be on medication for a period of time to see if the removal of the gland actually worked. what happens is once they remove the gland, they have to wait a period to see if it goes into >> reporter: it's a waiting game. even though the future is uncertain for this 4-year-old, he is looking forward to when he grows up. >> i'm going to be a surgeon. >> romona: julius, your future is bright. my sister has the same disease and she is 40 plus doing great. here are the odds of this disease impacting your child. about ten in 1 million people are diagnoed each year and just
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condition are children. if you are looking to cut back on your calories, drink up. we are talking about water. the study found that drinking extra water is associated with consuming fewer calories. did we need any study to tell us that? here is how that extra h 2 o stacks up. according to researchers at university of illinois-urbana-champaign. drinking one, just one extra cup of water a day is associated with eating 68 fewer calories and drinking three extra cups of water a day is associated with consuming 205 fewer calories. cutting 205 calories a day can contribute to losing a half a pound a week. >> mark: cosmetics company avon is cutting hundreds of jobs. it is actually cutting 2500 jobs and moving its headquarters from new york to great britain. the cosmetics company will still
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the move will help avon save $50 million just this year. a los angeles police department is still investigating the knife said to be found on the former estate of o.j. simpson. earlier this month police announced the knife was found at simpson's former brentwood home. the former football player lived there at the same time his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman were stabbed to death in 1994. now the murder weapon was november neverfound. police have not connected the knife to the murders. detectives tell cnn the forensics on the knife haven't really been completed, however, tmz reports there is still no dna on that knife. >> romona: popular retail chain forever 21 is offering an apoll ifor an offensive t-shirt design. it got backlash over this piece of clothing. the graphic t says don't say maybe if you want to say no.
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social media at forever 21 for seemingly playing down rape culture and anti-consent. the t-shirt was been removed from the website. and now to something that signals ring is here. the starbucks cherry blossom frappuccino is available at participating locations for a limited time and will be limited, we mean. it will be limited. you can snatch up the taste of spring from now until march 20. that's what starbucks says. >> jeff: there you go. >> mark: we'll see if everybody likes it. >> jeff: not my cup of tea. all right. i don't know. >> mark: wow. >> jeff: i don't know where that came from. >> romona: we don't either. >> mark: it came from a good place. >> jeff: you know what? all things considered, i think the weather on primary day not too shabby. drizzle on the lake shore but about everybody across the state of ohio has been dry.
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place the polling and put in your vote. we have a cloudy sky and i think we stay that way through early evening and could break up the clouds a little bit through sunset. what i'm monitoring out here to the west. they are expecting a severe weather outbreak. nothing yet as far as watches are concerned, but we may be talking about tornadoes in illinois with this front. a lot of instability here. this is a spring-like pattern. so the storms are going to flare-up here and then track east and we are going to get the leftover stuff by morning. it won't be severe by the time that rain and storms make it here. we are only at 50 but look how close the real warm stuff is. 72 in indianapolis. i have temperatures holding steady tonight, not real chilly. you can see we will stay dry, a lot of cloud cover and especially after 2:00 in the morning. this is 8:00 a.m. tomorrow
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going real aggressive at all with this rain. but i do think overnight rain and storms are going to be monitoring it very closely here. it won't be until late tonight. 52 will be the low in cleveland. akron-canton you are down to 47. i think you could see breaks in the cloud cover enough to allow for that temperature drop. storms late. now tomorrow morning we have wet conditions around. showers and storms. this is 9:00 a.m, so the best threat will be in the morning and then we get into a bit of a break. small chance or isolated showers and storms will form in the afternoon, but i do have an alert tomorrow morning. for the morning commute rain and storms. could be some ponding in some of these storms and it is going to be a windy day and even warmer than today as temperatures will start out in the mid 50s, and we're going to be warming, i think, low to mid 60s.
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gusting over 30, a few showers and storms around especially in the morning. it will be cooler on st. patrick's day, 53 and windy. small chance of a shower on st. patrick's day. i think most of the day should be dry. and then look at what happens on friday. a few morn showers, windy, only 39 with the wind off of the lake. saturday mostly cloudy, chilly, 39. saturday night cloudy and sunday 41. so it is going to be a pretty chilly weekend around here as we get into colder air. in fact, monday may have some snow showers around and 41. so an alert there. i believe that's the first day of the astronomical spring. see what happens? >> romona: thanks a lot. >> jeff: there you go. >> mark: thanks, jeff. still ahead in the buzz. >> romona: talk show titans which topped forbes list for the highest paid of all time.
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>> romona: kicking off today's buzz. >> mark: an opening date has been announced for a restaurant that is sure to be finger-lickin finger-lickin'. a new opening day for mabel's bark cue. it will be open on april 11 along with this delicious-looking photo. look at this. come on, michael. mabels will be the bistro on east fourth street. under injones swinging back into theaters of the disney made the announce. steven spielberg will direct harrison ford in the untitled fifth installment that will open july 19, 2019. >> romona: forbes has
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show host of all time. no surprise here, oprah topped the list. profanity wielding howard stern followed the queen of all media and winfrey's protege phil mcgraw rounds out the top three. they all have to much cash to count. we know it is a lot they are getting paid. >> mark: old dr. phil. bless his heart. austine under fire. why the mega church pastor is feeling the backlash about his comments about donald trump. plus. >> reporter: we are love at governor john kasich's watch
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march march welcome back. we continue our campaign 2016
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>> romona: she is at baldwin wall list college for election night where governor kasich will sarah? >> reporter: this is a make or break night for governor kasich. his watch party is kicking off in a couple of hours. the stage is set and ready to go. if kasich wins, he could put a dent in donald trump's momentum but on the other hand kasich has said if he loses ohio, he will drop out of the race. so, of course, bic big stakes here tonight. in the polls in ohio we are hearing trump and kasich arsonist neck-and--neck. i was at a rally yesterday where trump started going off kasich calling him an an sentee governor. kasich continues to remain positive on the campaign trail
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he has won a few key endorsements also across the state from former house speaker john boehner and, of course, ohio state football coach urban meyer. the polls are set to close at 7:30 tonight. of course, 66 delegates are up for grabs, and we will be here throughout the night watching cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you, sarah. we continue our political team coverage with dr. jason johnson. >> mark: let's get right into it. what are your predictions on both sides here is this what's going on? >> i think that hillary clinton is going to be pretty successful tonight. i think she will win the majority of the states. she is certainly going to do well in places like north carolina. i think the only place that's really sort of up for grabs on the democratic side is ohio. i think we could be surprised there by bernie sanders, and i think on the republican side donald trump is going to sweep everything, but i do think that john kasich will be the hero of
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and i do think he is going to win ohio tonight and keep that prize out of donald trump's hands. >> romona: there is no path forward for john kasich or rubio if they lose their states tonight. but both have indicated that they might not drop out. i know a lot has been said about kasich saying he is staying in but i also heard him say he might not drop out. what would be the strategy for them to stay? >> well, if you don't drop out of the race, then they're still your delegates and you would be able to have a greater amount of control of where those delegates end up going if we end up with the very, very scary broker convention in cleveland. so john kasich will go in with a tremendous amount of power. if he wins ohio tonight, he's got all the ohio delegates and he can say look, i will throw them to cruz, i will throw them to rubio. he could be a power player in white be a brokered convention. there are a lot of reasons why candidates don't want to disappear. same with marco rubio.
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but he wants to keep the delegates he has. he is afraid if he drops out of the race the delegates are free and may go to donald trump. >> mark: dr. jason johnson joining us from baltimore right now. the road to presidency goes through ohio. can ohio be the road block? let's say kasich wins tonight. how much time does he have to try to gain as much as he needs to make this a fight? >> romona: can you hear us, jason? >> yes, i can hear you know. >> mark: there you go. that was a long question, too. okay. i'll put it to you this way. if kasich does win tonight, how much time does he have left to really make a run for this? >> well, mathematically he can't do anything, right? if you are down by 40 points, i don't care how good kyrie is you aren't going to make arches did. he hasn't been that good. broker. he essentially becomes then the person who can make the final
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go against donald trump. here's one thing. i think compared to ted cruz and compared to marco rubio, if you look at their previous behavior to now, john kasich is the only republican candidate who has been pretty consistently against donald trump. he has been critical of trump from the beginning. so i think he is going to hold the delegates, if he can win ohio tonight, and i think he will, he is going to hold those delegates in his pocket and if he can be the difference maker between a trump republican nomination and some other candidate, he is going to use that power. >> romona: jason, let me ask you pretty quickly. ted cruz he has about 100 viewer delegates than trump yet he's not really seeing the love. a lot of people aren't talking about him on this primary day. why is that? >> well, because the republicans, unfortunately, have sort of shot themselves in the foot. after the long drawn out primary situations that they had in 2012, these primaries going forward are winner take all. so you can win the state with
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that's more than anybody else. so as much as ted cruz has been successful in the past, he has also been successful because he amounts. now that we are in ohio and we're in florida and in some of these critical states like competitive anymore. because if he can't beat trump, he gains nothing from these states. that's one of the reasons he has well been suffering. >> mark: dr. jason johnson putting it in plain english as he always done. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thanks, guys. >> jeff: update on the weather. cloudy sky, dry across the state. you know, the southern part of the state has seen the best weather here during the primary day here. cincinnati the sunshine, now we are starting to clear out in columbus. around here remains cloudy but dry. interactive radar, we have rain and storms coming in overnight, tomorrow morning. i'm not expecting severe and we'll keep you updated on the
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this is downtown where it has been cooler with the wind off of the lake. generally mid to upper 40s and right around 2:00 in the morning certainly by 4:00 a.m. you can see how the percentage of rain and storms will be going up. temperatures will be in the 50s by morning, but we do have an alert tomorrow morning for the rain and storms during the morning commute. could have ponding out there on the roads. it is going to be a slow go i think and that wind is really going to whip up as well over 30. it is going to be warmer tomorrow than today because we will see more sunshine tomorrow. 50 in cleveland, 56 akron, wind is light, 54 canton, cool spots sandusky there at 49. rain and storms overnight. wet morning ahead and windy. st. patrick's day will be mild. i think we will make it above 50, small chance of a shower there but it will be windy. tomorrow though we are up to 63. windy day. look at that wind gusts over 30.
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especially in the morning, a smaller chance later on in the afternoon. akron-canton 62, windy, very warm and here is a look at the planner. 55, 7:00 a.m, 58 at noon with a mixed sky, spotty showers and storms at 5:00, 62. but morning drive is going to be the best risk of rain and storms. we continue to monitor that situation. here's traffic. >> mark: traffic moving along pretty well here today. you've got cloud cover so no sun glare to worry about. we are pretty dry and volume seems to be right where it should be this time of day and everybody moving along just fine. a lot of people are showing their voting pride on social media. they are snapping selfies out there voting. selfies with your sticker proving you voted, those are fine. but don't do this. this is illegal in ohio to post
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>> romona: texas mega pastor joel olsteen is under fire for calling donald trump a good man during a book tour six months ago. some people on twitter claim the pastor of lakewood church in houston endorsed the republican presidential candidate. church officials say that's not true releasing this statement saying contrary to the misinformation making the rounds on social media, pastor joel olsteen has not endorsed any candidate for president of the united states. coming up in time out with tony, trash talk at the nfl combine. other teams are talking about the browns. yep, that's the word from a front office official. we'll talk about that. plus? >> mark: doesn't it really, j-lo. we've got news for you, love. yeah, it does cost.
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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hillary clinton: you know, in america, if you work hard, you're supposed to be able to get ahead, no matter who you are or where you started out. but too many barriers hold back our families. instead of affordable college we have skyrocketing debt. paychecks barely budge, but ceo pay keeps rising. and instead of good paying jobs, millions of americans are stuck. wall street and big financial interests, insurance companies, big oil companies. the negligence. s what i want to take on. i'm running for president all of these barriers,
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when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton, and i approved this message. >> romona: i have had this happen to me, tony, wee people are talking about you and you can hear them. the browns new chief strategy office says he was in line at the airport and he heard people talking about the browns. >> the difference is people recognize you. paul has been in baseball how many decades and now he is in the nfl and about to fly back
4:42 pm
and this back of him this line are nfl executives and they don't know who he is, they don't recognize him and basically trashing him and trashing the browns. he laughed about it during the interview. that's fine. we understand we have been bad on the field and believe we have the right guys in place now to change that. they were crushing the money ball thing and the whole analytics. >> romona: all right. lebron is picking the akron zips. >> lebron said if he did go to college he would have gone to ohio state. ohio state plays akron in round one of i.t. in columbus. lebron was asked who do you predict will win. win. something here. he goes i've got to go with my high school coach, one of them. the coach of the zips coached him for a while at st. vincent st. mary. akron is one of the best three-point shooters, one of the best in the nation.
4:43 pm
this a tough night for ohio state. >> romona: did lebron say anything about the loss yesterday. >> yeah, that's at 6:00. not a good night. >> romona: over to you, mark. >> mark: the cleveland indians are continuing their tradition of letting the public know they see your tweets. check out their take on the jimmy kimmel's mean tweets. >> i bet it sucks to be mike napoli. >> kind of vague. >> g grade 74 it does not suck to be mike napoli. >> why would be suck to be a baseball player happily married, right? >> single. >> even better. you is crushing it. >> mark: we have heard it before, love doesn't cost a thing. >> romona: well, that's what think say except it does. that's according to a new survey by event planners paint night. they say it takes five-and-a-half years of dating
4:44 pm
time people will spend, get this, $20,276 on dating. the average amount spent per person per date was $43.50. the most popular ate would be going out for dinner followed by going out to the movies. that's a lot of money. >> mark: use that 99-cent menu. it is always down in the right conner going through the drive-through. it is 99. >> romona: i know my husband is glad we only dated eight months and i said yes. >> mark: i'm out of money. will you marry me? also, have you seen it? it is the rose garden rap that is now going viral. >> romona: in case you missed it, president obama holds the topic cards as the star of broadway's "hamilton" lynn miranda drops a freestyle rap.
4:45 pm
[laughter] >> romona: the talent that that takes to be able to do that. >> mark: that was outstanding. >> romona: your turn, mark. >> mark: oh, look at the time. error error katherine? >> we are looking ahead to 5:00 and have the latest on ohio's primary election including details on the poll worker who pulled out a gun today. trying to quit smoking? we tell you the tried and true method of giving up sill receipts for good. one man shows off permanent support for donald trump.
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news for you. police are on the scene of a shooting in west fort words according to the star telegram. now. there are reports that an officer has been shot multiple times. that officer is said to be in critical condition at last check. one suspect is dead and another is still at large. we will keep monitoring this story and go back to it if need be. right now we turn our attention to weather. jeff, another warm day tomorrow. >> jeff: yeah, i think tomorrow will be warmer than today because we are going to be seeing more sun even though we have a front coming through. we are looking at the camera downtown. that low cloud cover a couple of hours ago we couldn't see the tops of the buildings. you can see that cloud deck has now lifted. the fog is beginning to improve, so better travel out there this evening. let's check out the seven day here.
4:50 pm
storms that will be with us in the morning mainly and then just isolated stuff during the afternoon. but a windy day. we will see some sunshine in there and as a result temperatures will be able to warm to 63. on st. patrick's day here expect a mixed sky and just some isolated showers, but it is going to be windy. 53, cooler. and then a few morning showers on friday and windy. look at that drop in temperature, 39. now we're going down here. over the weekend it looks dry now with increasing clouds on saturday, 39. saturday night down to 28. and sunday is going to be chilly. i have us cloudy and 41 although there could be some rain south of cleveland that we'll be watching. yeah, could get cold enough especially monday morning for a little bit of snow out there. so an alert issued, 41 only for the high on monday. mark, romona?
4:51 pm
finally at 4:00, one man kasich campaign. >> this is for the country, this is for the grandchildren, period. >> romona: meet the traveling kasich supporter on the other
4:52 pm
>> mark: it is time for useless trivia with me. >> mark: happy super tuesday, romona. >> romona: an exciting night. >> mark: in a recent surveyor people said this is the worst thing about email. what is it? >> romona: spam or junk mail. >> mark: no, the reply all button and you see the conversation the rest of the day. it is awful.
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>> mark: you've been watching useless trivia. american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future.
4:54 pm
approve this message. march march welcome back. one kasich supporter has traveled the country, is a grandfather in illinois and loves governor kasich and should be press. >> romona: we caught up with him. >> reporter: yes, tom hit the road in a vintage camper and
4:55 pm
his goal is to get governor kasich elected. >> reporter: mr. tom volini says it kind of hard to miss him but that's a goal. >> sir, have you voted yet? >> no, not yet. >> reporter: it is obvious he is stumping for governor john kasich and said he is doing this for the good of the country. >> i'm for him because of his experience. i'm for him because of his temperature temperament. i'm for him because of his leadership skills. >> reporter: the 70-year-old grandfather has traveled more than 10,000 miles this election cycle. he's made stops in new hampshire, south carolina, michigan, his hometown chicago and now ohio. he says he doesn't want or need governor kasich's approval. he just wants to help get him elected. >> this exercise, if you want to call it that, is something that i need to do. i don't need a pat on the back. >> reporter: mr. volini says the vintage air stream is the
4:56 pm
is doing this. >> it stands for the open road, our sense of freedom. it stands for american manufacturing. they're still made in ohio since the 1930s. >> reporter: so today he is here in cleveland to make a last-minute pitch. >> what's important is the voting. whoever the candidate. >> reporter: while he hopes governor kasich minimums the nomination to be elected president. >> he's already said that he has the second best job in the country and that's being governor of ohio. >> reporter: he is hoping this isn't the end of the road. >> mr. volini says if kasich doesn't win tonight it is okay but he won't support any other candidate. >> romona: you can't pay for that kind of support. >> mark: i love that trailer. so jealous of that. how cool. all right. speaking of campaign 2016, how about this? inked for the donald.
4:57 pm
get tatted up for trump. that's at 5:00. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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live from cleveland's newscenter this is cleveland 19 news brought to you by bill dougherty kia of streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: we have been talking about it for months. it is time. primary showdown in ohio. in the buckeye state and winning ohio is a big prize for presidential candidates. >> denise: 66 dealings up for grabs and winner takes all. cleveland 19 is live with primary coverage on this election day.
5:00 pm
>> dan: first we will go to dani carlson live where a poll worker was arrested. dani? >> that's right, guys. a poll worker was arrested after he brought a gun to the louisa may alcott school serving as a poll location and had an argument with fellow polling workers. i want to get to, we asked the cuyahoga board of elections what type of background checks for polling workers. today they said the process is on the application if you have convicted a felony. 6,000 people are hired for that process for one day. one person was allen bethea, the man who took the gun out at the school. he got in a fight with fellow polling workers and took out a gun and verbally threatened them. he took out a gun and marijuana and fired the polling worker. he had a misdemeanor until


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